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The Whole Of Me is designed around story. The class get actively involved in them. By being so engaged the structure of the story is embedded. There are opportunities to discuss the plot outcomes and invent new ones. Using the flash cards in the extra resources, you can make up new stories and scenarios with songs and postures you have learnt. You can encourage performances of short stories using the songs and postures as well. 


Movement should be joyful! Moving for the joy of moving is the best way to encourage physical fitness. The Whole of Me is non-competitive, everyone can achieve. The movements stretch & move the WHOLE of the body, not just specific muscle groups, as in many physical activities. The yoga-inspired moves develop postural control & co-ordination - including fine motor skills & crossing the midline, both of which are critical for developing writing & learning skills. Additionally, following simple sequences within the stories helps them to learn routines and develop key academic skills like comprehension, memory and enquiry. 


At the end of each story there is a relaxation song and posture. This focuses on stillness and reflection. The relaxation songs used in The Whole Of Me can be used on their own for any time you want a sense of calmness. Other postures also have a calm and focussed theme. Postures such as Mountain, Feather and Butterfly. You can create stories of calmness and discuss how they make the children feel. The Whole Of Me gives children a genuine experience of calmness.


The stories in The Whole Of Me introduce the children to new words. It is a playful toolkit and the use of songs, rhythm and movement allows you to really listen to them. As you become more familiar with the songs and postures you can join in and have fun with the sound of the words themselves. Encourage experimentation and get instruments out to make your own versions of songs about words you enjoy. Celebrate the sound of language.


Happy people learn. The Whole Of Me is a creative toolkit. It encourages exploration and discovery. You can use it in the way that works for you. Invent your own stories, focus on single postures and songs, perform stories that you have completed, illustrate your favourite parts of a story, use musical instruments to play along with postures. As you become more familiar with The Whole Of Me you will realise that the creative possibilities are endless.

teach primary awards 2023

Teach Primary Awards Finalists
We are finalists in the The Teach Primary Awards
in the Wellbeing category.

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