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Teach primary awards

We are proud finalists in the 2021 Teach Primary awards wellbeing category 

The 'Whole of Me' is an easy to use programme based around storytelling,
movement &  activities to improve wellbeing.
For Early Years, Year 1 & 2.

listening & wellbeing in children
communcation & wellbeing in children
movement & wellbeing in children
regulation & wellbeing in children
empathy & wellbeing in children
gratitude & wellbeing in children
confidence & wellbeing in children
curiosity & wellbeing in children

Story, song, creative expression, movement & mindfulness covering 8 key themes throughout the year.
The extensive materials are adaptable to work within your timing & needs.

yoga for kids

‘The Whole of Me is a multi-sensory, carefully layered resource that will guide & support teachers who understand that children don’t learn unless they feel safe and happy. 

As teachers use the story-based activities, children express their creativity through movement,
sounds and words. 

The world can be an overwhelming place for a young person. Through movement, sound, and playful discovery, children have an innate ability to express what is in the artist’s dream. 

The Whole of Me uses evidence-based cognitive science to tap into children’s innate ability to create. It supports teachers to make their classrooms into places where children’s well-being is the foundation for developing a sense of community. 
There is no other resource out there of this quality. ‘

Rebecca Van Homan FCCT
Lead Literacy Teacher
Additional Educational Needs Teacher 
British School in The Netherlands


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