“Wellness is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” – The World Health Organization.


We are all complex as human beings, and no one aspect of our life can define us as well or happy. Six areas of wellbeing have been identified as parts of the whole.

Intellectual • Emotional • Physical • Social • Environmental • Spiritual

The Whole of Me considers the WHOLE of the child, not each as isolated parts.

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To become & remain an effective & motivated learner throughout
life certain characteristics need to be nurtured right from the start:

  • curiosity to find out & explore

  • playfulness

  • willingness to have a go

  • ability to concentrate

  • resilience to keep going

  • confidence to meet challenges & take pride in achievements

  • creativity to have ideas & problem solve

  • discipline to plan & review

  • flexibility to change

(Based on 'characteristics of effective learning' English Early Years Foundation Stage).

THEWHOLEOFME - Movement stories & assets based on current thinking

in child development & neurology - all closely linked to national curriculums. 



Emotional development in the early years is fundamental to a healthy, happy life.

This dimension includes:

  • understanding & labelling feelings & knowing others also possess them

  • learning how to regulate feelings

  • developing a moral sense e.g. knowing right from wrong, caring for others, & empathy

Stress takes a heavy emotional toll on children. Learning healthy reactions to stress early can help lessen fear & anxiety in adulthood.

THEWHOLEOFME - Simple breath, mindfulness & relaxation exercises. Playful activities around feelings. 

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Physical activity and eating well are obvious ways to positively impact our wellbeing, increasingly research links them to cognitive development. However, they should not be taken for granted as they do not happen automatically in this modern age - being actually harder to do than most of us appreciate.  We need to respect physical development, give time, and thought time to how we can optimize it from an early age. The older we get, the harder it is to learn new habits and form new behaviours. Early childhood is when we need to develop the healthy habits necessary to live healthy lives as adults.

THEWHOLEOFME - Wide-ranging yoga postures, developmental narrative for adults, breathing exercises & sensory soundbites.

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Underpinning a child’s personal development are the important attachments they make with parents and key people in their social world.  Strong, warm and supportive relationships help children learn how to understand their own feelings and those of others.

Through supported play with other children and adults children learn how to build friendships, work together & resolve conflicts peaceably.

THEWHOLEOFME - Stories prompt subtle, playful interactions. These back and forth moments aid & support socialisation.



‘The frequency and range of children’s personal experiences increase their knowledge and sense of the world around them’. Proposed 2020 EYFS. Recent research highlights how being in the natural world can reduce stress levels, improve mood and concentration, and increase vitality. Even in urban areas, there can be daily connections with nature to provide a break from the hustle of everyday life.

THEWHOLEOFME - Immersive yoga stories incorporate environmental themes

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What is the meaning of life? Understanding our own individual sense of purpose is key to spiritual wellness and will mean something different to each of us. We need to acknowledge and respect that each one of us has a different “meaning of life.”

Helping a child find and understand their own ‘sense of purpose’ be able to say why they like some activities more than others, even if it’s something small like exploring a love for animals or trucks, helps them to understand the needs of others. Introducing children to varied ideas, environments, and activities helps to broaden their minds and open up their thinking to bigger possibilities.

THEWHOLEOFME - The stories are innately mindful with elements of reflection & relaxation prompting profound discussions.