Yoga is a holistic practice. Meaning it looks at the whole person.

Yoga-based movement can help you and your child work, rest, sleep and play, as it stretches all the muscles in the body, & releases tension with the combination of breath and postures.

The important thing is to move, but also to move in every different direction working ALL the muscles in the body to achieve balance, rather than solely undertaking repetitive movements such as running or cycling. Simple, creative yoga postures can provide the framework for this.

Activity for Wellbeing

In a recent blog Dr Anna Lowe, programme manager at The National Centre for Sport & Exercise Medicine, highlighted the importance of physical activity for mental and physical wellbeing.  

She states

"Physical activity is a critical mechanism to manage mental health for everyone, particularly for people with existing mental health conditions. Evidence suggests that sedentary behaviour can increase depressive symptoms in healthy adults after as little as seven days, and that it has a protective effect against developing anxiety"

Using Children Inspired Yoga to feel 'Just right'

"There is no right or wrong way!"
"My children don't realise what they are doing"

.. these comments from parents highlight the broad reach of our yoga sessions.

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