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listening & wellbeing in children
communcation & wellbeing in children
movement & wellbeing in children
regulation & wellbeing in children
curiosity & wellbeing in children
empathy & wellbeing in children
gratitude & wellbeing in children
confidence & wellbeing in children
calm & wellbeing in children



Each theme has at its core, a story that the children actively take part in.
 There are a number of resources you receive in each theme.
 A quick start guide:  shows you how to work through each stage of the theme.
We have endeavoured to make this process as intuitive as possible.
A story outline: is the script of the story that you use split into sections that involve activity and those which are listening. The postures and songs used are clearly shown.
Posture videos: instructional videos of how to teach the postures involved in the story.
Within the videos there are variations of difficulty level.
As you learn the postures you will build up a comprehensive collection of moves around animals, weather, structures, transport and other useful elements to sue in story creation.
Instructional video of social distancing adaptations : in the current time we have added this to show you how to run the session if you have to do it in a socially distanced way.
Story narration audio: a recording of the story in case you want to focus on other elements of the session while the story is being told. Also useful to listen to to get a ‘feel’ of the story.
Songs: all the songs that you need for the session. You can download these to play on the device of your choice.
In depth downloads: Here you will find a collection of beautifully designed flashcards on the postures done in the session. Each flashcard has information on the key ways the posture benefits areas of  Regulation, Sensory,  Developmental, Educational and Physical.  
Extension activities: A collection of activities linked to the extension principles to explore literacy and well-being. As you work through the theme you will be developing the wellbeing of the child as well as delivering meaningful language development.  
Wellbeing is a term we often see today, but what does it actually mean?
The table below briefly describes the six elements of wellness that have been identified as being
part of the whole ‘wellbeing.'
Screenshot 2020-09-23 at 14.43.28.png
Screenshot 2020-09-23 at 14.52.25.png



Intellect: curiosity, concentration, resilience, flexibility to change 

The Whole of Me delivers: Immersive stories inspire and motivate further ideas
across the curriculum

Emotional: Understanding the emotions of others & of the self

The Whole of Me delivers: Simple breath, mindfulness & relaxation exercises

Physical: Healthy body, healthy mind!

The Whole of Me delivers: Movement inspired by yoga keeps the whole body flexible

Spiritual: Understanding our sense of purpose

The Whole of Me delivers: A deeper understanding of the meaning of stillness and reflection

Society: Relationships

The Whole of Me delivers: Playful interactions between story characters

Environment: One of the most important issues of our age

The Whole of Me delivers: The stories & extension activities have an environmental message



In addition to the session, there are extension activities to build into the wider curriculum.


These activities follow six principles :

  • Creative writing -the ability to express oneself with the written word through story and poetry

  • Stillness -an understanding of the power of being still using the fundamentals of mindfulness

  • Beat competency -being able to maintain a steady beat, and hearing that beat in language

  • Awareness-the importance of noticing things, concentration and focus

  • Word acquisition -the discovery of new words. The food of the creative mind!

  • Playfulness -an attitude of mind that allows experimentation, risk-taking and exploration





Each theme introduces new movements and songs which build up into a comprehensive and creative toolkit to use to develop your own sessions and extension activities.


The principles behind The Whole of Me will inspire you to be more creative and
engaging in your own practice.

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