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What it is

The toolkit is a series of resources using active storytelling, movement & creative activities to enhance wellbeing & development.

 The unique, creative resources have been created and curated by educationalists, yoga specialists, musicians, and early years specialists. It is simple but has far-reaching outcomes.

Who it's for

The Early Years package is for reception.


You will receive themed resources termly through an easy to use online portal, these resources include Active Stories, Music, Flashcards, Extension Activities, Video tutorials, Scripts, Podcasts & more. 


All these resources are designed to put you, the teacher at the heart of the process. Giving you tools so that you can be adaptable within your teaching commitments. It will inject your classes with creativity, inspiration & energy.

This can change the way you teach

The outcomes are far-reaching & profound.

8 themes with over 280 assets

How much will it cost for all 8 themes?


£150 per year per class

(approx £6 per year per child )

How does it work?

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The main session in each theme revolves around



The children are immersed in this through

MOVEMENT - simple yoga postures represent familiar characters, animals and features of the story

MUSIC - unique songs specifically written to engage, motivate and regulate

BREATH - learning how to use the breath to regulate through simple, playful techniques

MINDFULNESS - the story is innately mindful. This helps children with focus & concentration

SENSORY - The stories are multi-sensory. Taking the children on a journey through the senses; raising and lowering energy levels, giving the children a sense of Agency


Each story has a selection of activities that go deeper into extending knowledge & understanding.

These are linked to 6 extension principles:

Creative writing



Word Acquisition

Beat Competency


These principles are fundamental to learning, particularly in language development & literacy.

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