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How does it work?

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You will have access to themed resources monthly through an easy to use online portal.


• 2 x 20min children's yoga story videos to do together

• simple breath exercises

• mindfulness activities

• craft activities

 • 20 minute recorded yoga class for you 

The outcomes are far reaching & profound for both you & your child.


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How much will it cost?

It's important to us that The Whole of Me is available to as many children as possible.

Our pricing reflects this ethos, 


The Whole of Me package is only £14.99 per month but you can cancel at any time. Over the course of each month you will be sent a new theme & all the associate resources.

The main session in each of the 12 monthly themes revolves around



The children are immersed in this through

How do I use it?

MOVEMENT - simple yoga postures represent familiar characters, animals and features of the story

MUSIC - unique songs specifically written to engage, motivate and regulate

BREATH - learning how to use the breath to regulate through simple, playful techniques

MINDFULNESS - the story is innately mindful. This helps children with focus & concentration

SENSORY - The stories are multi-sensory. Taking the children on a journey through the senses; raising and lowering energy levels, giving the children a sense of purpose.


Each story has a selection of activities that will inform & inspire creative parenting.

These centre around



Creative Activities

Flashcards to inspire you to create new stories


These activities will generate a genuine love of learning & support your child in all areas of their development.

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Where does it work?

You can do this anywhere, but its best in a space where you can stretch out. 

What do I do & what will we gain ?

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Working with your child on this journey will strengthen your bond & deepen your understanding of the way children learn.


This is about meaningful play, where often new ideas are hard to find as a busy parent.

You will learn ways to use the physical postures to energise & calm your child.

The principles will promote good sleep patterns, & together you will learn fundamental life skills in how to manage your child's levels of alertness.

Most of all you will have fun together, and


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